Who is ThioJoe?

Technology, humor, marketing, and combinations of all three.

My Channel

My name is Joe.  I originally graduated college with a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Physics, and then started producing videos full time on YouTube.  My most popular channel, “ThioJoe“, features entertaining technology videos including reviews, tech news, and tech discussions. I started on YouTube making satirical tech humor videos, but have since moved on to real tech content that I enjoy tremendously.

For Brands:

I have experience with brand integrations on my channels with well known brands such as Lenovo, Amazon.com, and LG. If you’re interested in a brand integration for one of my channels, you will find the following information useful.  Brand integration requests and proposals (including pricing and expected reach) are handled through my managing network, Studio71.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Brand Integration Examples

These are some specific examples of previous brand integrations on my channel.


In the interest of full transparency (and those generally interested or curious), a list of my technology related stock holdings can be found here.