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Upgrading Your RAM for Free

06 Apr

Upgrading your RAM in your computer is one of the best ways to increase performance, but a lot of times, it can be expensive.  However, in this video I’ll explain how you can easily upgrade your RAM at no cost.  Basically it involves using a lesser-known windows feature to scan your hardware for elegible upgrades.  Now sometimes manufacturers will perform this upgrade ahead of time, so if it says that there are any elegible upgrades, this may be the case.


I look Like Daniel Tosh?

30 Mar

There’s a common trend among many of the comments on a few of my videos.  Basically, a lot of people are saying that I look like the comedian Daniel Tosh, who also has his own TV show called Tosh.0 (Tosh point O).  Apparently I looked and sounded just like him.  A friend showed me the show and I thought his material did resemble mine in some cases.  Although I’m not sure if I really look like him.  Anyway, here’s the video where I discuss the whole subject.

The Nerve of Some People

10 Mar

  Today I filed my first ever DMCA takedown notice.  You see, it all started when I was suddenly curious if anyone had downloaded any of my videos and re-uploaded them themselves.  People do this all the time in a desperate attempt to get views I guess.  Anyway I figured I would start with my most popular video by far, “Double Your Internet Speed For Free.”  Low and behold, there were two uploads; one of them very recent (in the last week).  Now, I was a little annoyed that people would do this, but that annoyance turned to anger at what I saw next.  I clicked on one of the imposters, and saw that not only was this person a partner, but he had actually PUT ADS on MY video that he stole.  He was making money (probably next to nothing, but money none the less) off of something I did.  He copied the description and tags word for word.  

  So what did I do?  Well I went to Youtube’s copyright infringement page, where there’s a convenient DMCA takedown form.  I filled it out for the video (and the second offender, since I could add multiple videos to one form), and clicked submit.  Not sure how long it takes youtube to respond to this kind of notice, but I expect no more than a week or two.  I believe I will get an email notifying me when it’s removed.

  Anyway, I posted in the youtube help forums about this guy (who I’m not going to give the benefit of naming), because he has several other videos which clearly aren’t his.  If it was just a normal youtuber there isn’t much you can do about it, and they aren’t making money so it doesn’t matter much.  But this case was different.  He was pirating my content for profit.  Never thought I’d see the day where I actually liked something about the DMCA.

UPDATE: The youtube partner took down the infringing video.  Probably only because I made a comment telling him I was filing a DMCA takedown against it.  He probably won’t get a strike, but at least he took it down quickly.  Maybe he’ll think twice about doing it with someone elses video.

Fixin’ Headaches

09 Mar

Ever had a headache that you wanted to get rid of right away?  Well the next time it happens you’ll be prepared.  In this week’s video, learn how to fix virtually all headaches you may have in the future. It’s instant and completely safe.  And more importantly, you don’t need to buy anything!  Also, I suck at white balancing apparently. Check it out below.

Testing Out a Different Camera

06 Mar

I’ve had a Nikon D5100 for a few months, mostly to take pictures.  But I decided to try out the video recording function, since it can record HD video like a lot of DSLRs these days.  Anyway it turns out to work really well, I think, so I figure I’ll use this camera at least for video logs.  In videos where I’m moving around a lot, I’ll probably use my normal video camera, since supposedly the 5100 has an issue with recording video when fast moving things are involved. 

The biggest advantage of using a HDSLR is that you get a bigger sensor and can have really low depth of field shots.  Also you can use whatever lenses you have for your camera.  Check out my video to see what it looks like.  This is actually an awareness video I made about the whole Kony 2012 campaign, but it nicely shows the abilities of the 5100 when proper lighting and audio are used.

Unboxing of AT-897 Shotgun Microphone

05 Mar

Last week I ordered some new equipment with which I hope to improve the quality of my videos.  Among other things, I got two new microphones: One being a Sony UWP-V6 wireless lavalier mic system (which I used to record my voice in the video), and second being the Audio Technica AT-897 shotgun microphone.  I have yet to test out the shotgun mic, but I really liked the packaging for it.  So much so that I decided to unbox it so everyone could see it in its full glory.

You can purchase it here via amazon:

Joe’s Pro Tips: Episode 1

30 Nov

This week, I made a video describing various “tips” for every day life.  This is a comedy video, so don’t actually try anything described in the video!  I shouldn’t have to say it, but unfortunately someone might end up hurting themselves because they’re too stupid.  Anyway, enjoy!