The Nerve of Some People

10 Mar

  Today I filed my first ever DMCA takedown notice.  You see, it all started when I was suddenly curious if anyone had downloaded any of my videos and re-uploaded them themselves.  People do this all the time in a desperate attempt to get views I guess.  Anyway I figured I would start with my most popular video by far, “Double Your Internet Speed For Free.”  Low and behold, there were two uploads; one of them very recent (in the last week).  Now, I was a little annoyed that people would do this, but that annoyance turned to anger at what I saw next.  I clicked on one of the imposters, and saw that not only was this person a partner, but he had actually PUT ADS on MY video that he stole.  He was making money (probably next to nothing, but money none the less) off of something I did.  He copied the description and tags word for word.  

  So what did I do?  Well I went to Youtube’s copyright infringement page, where there’s a convenient DMCA takedown form.  I filled it out for the video (and the second offender, since I could add multiple videos to one form), and clicked submit.  Not sure how long it takes youtube to respond to this kind of notice, but I expect no more than a week or two.  I believe I will get an email notifying me when it’s removed.

  Anyway, I posted in the youtube help forums about this guy (who I’m not going to give the benefit of naming), because he has several other videos which clearly aren’t his.  If it was just a normal youtuber there isn’t much you can do about it, and they aren’t making money so it doesn’t matter much.  But this case was different.  He was pirating my content for profit.  Never thought I’d see the day where I actually liked something about the DMCA.

UPDATE: The youtube partner took down the infringing video.  Probably only because I made a comment telling him I was filing a DMCA takedown against it.  He probably won’t get a strike, but at least he took it down quickly.  Maybe he’ll think twice about doing it with someone elses video.

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