Who is ThioJoe?

Technology, humor, marketing, and combinations of all three.

My Channel

My name is Joe.  I originally graduated college with a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Physics, and then started producing videos full time on YouTube.  My most popular channel, “ThioJoe“, features entertaining technology videos including reviews, tech news, and tech discussions. I started on YouTube making satirical tech humor videos, but have since moved on to real tech content that I enjoy tremendously.

For Brands:

I have experience with brand integrations on my channels with well known brands such as Lenovo, Amazon.com, and LG. If you’re interested in a brand integration for one of my channels, you will find the following information useful.  Please understand I do brand deals sparingly, and receive a lot of requests daily, so do not be offended if I am unable to respond to most sponsorship requests. Non-business related emails to this address will be completely ignored.

Contact Email:

Brand Integration Examples

These are some specific examples of previous brand integrations on my channel.


In the interest of full transparency (and those generally interested or curious), a list of my technology related stock holdings can be found here.