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The Funniest Dream I’ve Ever Had

30 Dec

My dreams are usually pretty absurd, assuming I can even remember them. But last night I had probably one of the funniest dreams I can remember.  Now as a quick backstory, my dreams usually incorporate some extremely small detail or event that took place the day before. In this case, the day before my dream I had bought the video game “DMC: Devil May Cry” during a Steam sale.  I hadn’t even played it, I just bought it and forgot about it; a totally forgettable event. However, by brain remembered it.

Now have you ever heard of the old school hip hop group “Run D.M.C.”?  If they don’t come to mind, you’ve almost certainly heard one of their songs before (such as “It’s Tricky” or “Walk This Way”).

You may have guessed where this is headed already.  So in my dream it was apparently several decades in the past, because the computers were pretty old school.  In the dream, in order to run video games on the computer, you had had to type “run” in the proper command into DOS or the command prompt.  In this case, I wanted to play, you guessed it, DMC: Devil May Cry.  I remember being in my dream and realizing “Hey, that’s how Run D.M.C. got their name! Because when you go to play Devil May Cry, you have to type in ‘Run DMC’ “.

Obviously, Devil May Cry wasn’t even around when Run DMC was started, but when I woke up I found it absolutely hilarious that my brain was able to construct such a both logical and absurd situation from nothing. So that’s basically the end of the story, it was a rather quick dream.  Though, I can’t help but laugh.