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LG G4 Full Review and Unboxing

27 May

I was recently sent an LG G4 to review as part of their “LG G4 Trial” program.  I finished my full review which you can watch below.  The video contains much more detail and cool shots of the phone, so I’ll just talk about some of my favorite features here.

First of all, the battery life is great. I don’t use my phone very heavily, but I do use it all day. I’ve never had it die on me, and the phone lasts longer than anything else I’ve used. Coming from my Nexus 5, the battery was a massive change, because my Nexus 5 almost seemed to have no battery at all.  Next, the G4’s camera is really good for a phone, and that’s the main thing LG was pushing as a main feature. I took some test photos in the video, and you can see that the low light performance is reasonable for a small sensor. I like that you can shoot raw, which is important for getting the best image quality possible out of a photo.  The screen is also great – it’s bright and the colors are vivid. The QuadHD (4x 720p) makes it super sharp, and this is coming from a Nexus 5 (1080p) which I already thought was sharp.

Before I did the review, I did an unboxing which you might like.  It’s not totally accurate and I did make a few mistakes. For example, what I called the “spectrum analyzer” is actually a laser focus assist, and what I thought was a second flash is the actual spectrum analyzer. Still, that wasn’t the point of the video, so hopefully you can forgive me.

Joe Reviews: Zoom H4n

12 Jun

This is my first ever video review as part of the “Joe Reviews” show.  I review the Zoom H4n audio recorder which I use in most of my videos. You can check it out below.