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New Gaming Channel

09 Jul

So I recently launched a new gaming channel, called “Cache Gaming.”  The link is:

Here is a video of me making the announcement:

How to Get Copies of Your Mail

15 Jun

Have you ever lost a phone bill that was sent to you? Have you ever wondered who sent you a christmas card last year? The United States Postal Service actually makes backup copies of all the mail that’s sent to you within the last 5 years, and you can request these copies any time! Watch this video to find out how.

Joe Reviews: Zoom H4n

12 Jun

This is my first ever video review as part of the “Joe Reviews” show.  I review the Zoom H4n audio recorder which I use in most of my videos. You can check it out below.


Increase Your Torrent Speed

01 Jun

A lot of people have been wondering how you they can increase their download speed when torrenting files.  Well there’s a really easy and quick setting you can change that should improve download speeds and reliability in utorrent.

Double Your Wireless Speed for Free

18 May

This was a highly requested video and I finally got around to making it.  It’s a really quick and easy tutorial and shouldn’t really be much trouble.  This should work for most wireless adapters made in the past few years or so.

Why I HATE Celebrity Gossip Shows

11 May

I only watch a handful of shows on TV, but I definitely enjoy those few.  However, there is one type of show that I absolutely cannot stand.  They are celebrity gossip shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and “Extra!”.  These shows do nothing but talk about famous people’s lives as if it actually makes a difference.  I go through why I hate these shows so much in this week’s video blog.

My Military Collection

27 Apr

I was digging through my closet and found a bunch of military gear that I had bought at military surplus stores over the years.  Every once in a while I found something interesting and would buy it, and I got a pretty cool collection.  It’s not a huge collection, but I think everything in it is pretty interesting.  Check out this video where I talk about my favorite pieces.


Upgrading Your RAM for Free

06 Apr

Upgrading your RAM in your computer is one of the best ways to increase performance, but a lot of times, it can be expensive.  However, in this video I’ll explain how you can easily upgrade your RAM at no cost.  Basically it involves using a lesser-known windows feature to scan your hardware for elegible upgrades.  Now sometimes manufacturers will perform this upgrade ahead of time, so if it says that there are any elegible upgrades, this may be the case.