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Why I HATE Celebrity Gossip Shows

11 May

I only watch a handful of shows on TV, but I definitely enjoy those few.  However, there is one type of show that I absolutely cannot stand.  They are celebrity gossip shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and “Extra!”.  These shows do nothing but talk about famous people’s lives as if it actually makes a difference.  I go through why I hate these shows so much in this week’s video blog.

My Military Collection

27 Apr

I was digging through my closet and found a bunch of military gear that I had bought at military surplus stores over the years.  Every once in a while I found something interesting and would buy it, and I got a pretty cool collection.  It’s not a huge collection, but I think everything in it is pretty interesting.  Check out this video where I talk about my favorite pieces.


I look Like Daniel Tosh?

30 Mar

There’s a common trend among many of the comments on a few of my videos.  Basically, a lot of people are saying that I look like the comedian Daniel Tosh, who also has his own TV show called Tosh.0 (Tosh point O).  Apparently I looked and sounded just like him.  A friend showed me the show and I thought his material did resemble mine in some cases.  Although I’m not sure if I really look like him.  Anyway, here’s the video where I discuss the whole subject.

The Truth About Facebook “Hacking”

I’m sure most of you have seen it: People posting on their friends’ facebook profiles proclaiming that they “hacked” their profile.  You may have also seen videos talking about how to hack people’s facebook profiles, usually using some sketchy piece of software.  My latest video talks about the truth about keeping your profile safe and how to protect against “hacking.” It’s easier than you might think.